Design&Engineering Department

VALSA GTV has its own Design and Engineering Department, which conducts research in the field of industrial rubber goods production and creates innovative solutions for in-house production and improvement of the technological process.

The Design&Engineering Department is one of the core departments of our company. Its stands out with high professional level, flexible and non-standard technical solutions.The Department is equipped with the latest computer systems. Our specialists offer hand-on experience with cutting-edge technologies and are always ready to deliver tasks on-time.

The Design&Engineering Department specializes in providing to various industries technical and marketing services, such as:

  • development of technical documentation in accordance with the Customer’s technical specifications;
  • development of special equipment for industrial rubber good production;
  • development of product and equipment installation manuals;
  • installation supervision;
  • client’s staff training on product and equipment installation;
  • development of components and units for industrial equipment;
  • designer suvervision;
  • solution of engineering problems.

We guarantee custom-tailored solitions to all our Clients. We are open to cooperation in allied industries.