Industrial Rubber Goods production

The rubber lining production is established on the basis of ROSAVA PJSC, the biggest Ukrainian tyre manufacturer.

The rubber compounds are manufactured on the modern and fully automated equipment FARRELBRIDGE (USA). We use exclusive formula of high quality raw materials and ingredients (such as isoprene rubber SKI-3, synthetic rubber SKD and other materials that comply with state standards). Thanks to the abovemetioned factors our rubber is high-tensile and wear-resistant.

High quality of our rubber is also confirmed by many years' experience of supplying rubber compounds to the leading European tyre and conveyor belt manufacturers such as GOODYEAR (USA), TRANSPORTGUMMI (Germany) and others.

The equipment installed allows to produce of rubber and reinforced rubber goods with weights ranging from few grams and up to 100 - 150 kilograms.

At the same time we ensure rubber homogeneity properties throughout the whole product.

The method of injection molding is used in manufacturing of rubber linings for ore mill drums. It provides even heating of massive pieces all over the section.

Vulcanization in saturated steam ensures consistent and even heating of mold and all round piece, as well as homogenous cure of inner and outer rubber lining surfaces, which is higly important for improving the wear resistance characteristics.

Advanced Design&Engineering Department and Process Service ensure the high quality of final products, enchanced manufacturing process of industrial rubber goods and continuous implementation of innovative technologies at VALSA GTV.

The Process Service comprises the Quality Control Laboratory, equipped with a full set of lab instruments for quality control of incoming materials and components, process control, product testing and development of new materials based on clients needs. The Laboratory equipment allows static and dynamic testing within the temperature range from - 60?С to +200?С. The Laboratory is certified by the State Standardization Committee of Ukraine.

All above stated gives us the possibility to monitor the latest trends in the field of advanced industrial rubber goods production, successfully adjust to the needs of our Partners, and create high-quality rubber products that conform with international standards.

We invite you to cooperation!